Jo, Trauma Counsellor

Counsellor MBACP (Accred)

Pregnancy and childbirth are both life changing and deeply emotional and I am passionate about helping families navigate these changes.

I have been working in childbirth for the last 30 years specialising in supporting families who have experienced birth trauma and loss. I have worked within the NHS and private sectors specialising in these areas.

I work within the Essex area, my consulting room is in Chelmsford, and I offer an online or telephone service to those who live outside of this area. 

Take a Break

As a health professional it is often difficult to find time to recharge your batteries, refresh your resources or build resilience in the ever changing and increasing demands of the role. Talking to an understanding person can be one of the most cathartic ways of dealing with difficult emotions. I want to offer a place and a confidential space to do just that, particularly if it is difficult to express these to family or colleagues.

I have been working within the NHS and supporting others for over 30 years. I am ideally placed to support you as you try to come to terms or make some sense of what is going on for you.

Perinatal Support, Birth Trauma and Loss

Modern maternity care can feel so overwhelming and sometimes that leads to women and their families feeling like their needs are insignificant and that they have little say in the care that they receive. Birth trauma can magnify these feelings of powerlessness and helplessness which can go on to negatively impact relationships between mother and baby and/or the couple. 

I offer a calm and confidential place for individuals, or couples, to think and explore their emotions, with the aim to have a greater understanding of them and also to find ways of managing these emotions, which may have become difficult or debilitating to live with. 

Health Professionals

Nurses, Midwives, Paramedic and Medical staff are particularly at risk of experiencing emotional distress and anxiety during this COVID time due to the close exposure of the virus and seeing first-hand some of the tragedies of this crisis. Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression are a real and natural response, but when they become debilitating and start to negatively affect work or personal relationships you run the risk of burnout and emotional fatigue or developing post traumatic stress.